Remodeling Services in Englewood, CO


Since 2007, Remodel Edge has been offering Design-Build construction services throughout Colorado’s Front Range specializing in residential remodeling services including basement finishing, additions, kitchens, bathrooms, and new construction.
We help clients, like you, translate your ideas into your dream. As a fully licensed and insured remodeling company, we stand behind our work and have built a long-standing reputation for delivering reliable quality.
Our team utilizes the latest in technology, to design and manage your project. Not only is it really cool to see your project concept in a full color 3D rendering, before it is built, but this approach helps us prevent costly mistakes.
From plans to interior finishes, our expert team of design and construction professionals will guide you through the remodeling process to create a beautiful space that meets your family’s needs.

Kitchen Remodel or Renovation

We have designed, renovated and remodeled countless kitchens since our founding in 2007.
Our Kitchen designers will offer you a front row seat to the project as we collaborate on the design of your kitchen. Our professional designers, we will assist you with selecting your custom cabinetry, kitchen cabinet inserts, roll-out cabinetry, cabinet pulls, countertops, lighting, moldings, faucet, sink backsplash, and flooring. Once we have selected all of your materials, we will design your color 3D rendering so you can envision your kitchen just as it was designed.
Whether your sense of style leads you to a sleek contemporary kitchen design style, classic traditional or a dramatic showpiece kitchen, our talented kitchen team will lead you step-by-step through the process.
The entire project is managed by a highly skilled and experienced Project Manager who will be overseeing the installation of the finishes along with completing all remodel steps required to support the seamless installation of the finishes.

Bath Remodel or Renovation

Often the most used space in a home, the bathroom is often the last area to get attention.  If you are ready to re-imagine your bath with updated interior finishes or a whole new layout, our design team is ready to help.

 Our team takes into consideration how you want to use, and in some cases, share your space.  Our bathroom designers will also show you design approaches that maybe you have never thought of; space-saving designs, expanded storage solutions, unique and fun materials, mirrors, and lighting elements just to name a few.

For all of these remodeling projects, support from a professional licensed general contractor is essential for a high-quality, lasting solution.

Major Home Remodel

Home remodeling offers a cost-effective way to remain in the home and location that you love while still improving your family’s quality of life.
When remodeling, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable General Contractor helps you to get the most for your project and properly manage each stage of construction to avoid delays and costly mistakes.
Remodel Edge’s design team has the expertise and experience to help you improve the functionality and flow of the home.
Expert advice also simplifies decisions and helps you make effective design choices so your remodel is executed according to your vision and the end result is one that makes you happy.

Basement Finishing

Basement design and remodeling is where we got our start in 2007, and since then we have designed and constructed thousands of basements along the Colorado front range.     

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your basement, finish your basement, or completely renovate your basement, our talented team can get the job done. 

We recognize that every basement is different and we specialize in creating custom plans specific to each client’s needs and space.   Whether your style is classic or contemporary, refined or casual, you can customize without compromise to get exactly what you want. We’ll work closely with you to help you realize your ideas and vision, giving you the personal attention you deserve from start to finish. From the latest home trends to our expert design consultants, we make a world of choices easy.


Are you considering a new build? If so, Remodel Edge’s (parent company) is a licensed General Contractor with experience in new home land development and production and custom home construction. We build new homes along the Colorado Front range and neighboring mountain communities. However, you decide to build we offer a full complement of new build services: Build your plan on your lot or ours Custom Home Architectural Design Services Lot location sourcing and land Development Civil, Environmental, and Structural Engineering We will also help you navigate jurisdictional build and HOA requirements when applicable. Whether building your first home or that special vacation home in the mountains, keeping each stage of construction on task requires meticulous oversight and attention to detail. Our commitment to transparent communication also means we value your participation in the construction of your home, include you in the decision-making process and provide regular updates so you are never left wondering about the status of your dream home.


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Design Services

Craft a personalized haven that reflects your unique style. Remodel Edge goes beyond cookie-cutter designs, offering a collaborative process tailored to your vision, budget, and needs. Our experienced designers work closely with you, taking inspiration from your ideas and preferences. Explore layout options, discuss material selections, and see your project come alive with stunning 3D renderings. We prioritize open communication, ensuring your voice is heard throughout the design phase.

Remodel Edge empowers you to make informed decisions. We present design options that align with your desired aesthetics and financial goals. Ultimately, the final say is yours. You have complete control over every detail, from layout configurations to material selections. With your approval in hand, we seamlessly transition from design to construction, guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free renovation experience.

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