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Crystal Cabinet - Environmental Stewardship

At Crystal Cabinets, we believe in creating beautiful cabinetry that’s good for your home and the planet. We’re committed to environmental stewardship throughout our entire process, from sustainable manufacturing practices to eco-conscious product design.

Green Manufacturing: A Responsible Approach

  • Energy Efficiency: We continuously improve our facilities to minimize our environmental footprint. This includes upgrading lighting, utilizing motion sensors, and optimizing air compressor usage. Our award-winning dust collection system not only improves air quality for our employees but also conserves energy.
  • Material Optimization: We reduce waste by carefully optimizing our wood materials. We also reclaim and reuse scrap materials wherever possible.

ESP Certification: Recognition for Excellence

Crystal Cabinet Works is a proud participant in the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). This program recognizes manufacturers who prioritize sound environmental practices in various areas, including:

  • Product and process resource management (including cabinet materials and hardware)
  • Air quality in our facilities and your home (through low-emission options)
  • Environmental management policies that guide our sustainable practices
  • Community relations

Our participation in the ESP program demonstrates our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Green Products for Sustainable Living

Crystal offers a wide range of eco-friendly cabinet options to support your eco-conscious lifestyle. All our cabinets are manufactured using sustainable practices and processes. Here are some of the eco-friendly features of our cabinets:

  • Domestically Sourced Wood: We use CARB Phase 2 compliant wood materials, sourced from North America, to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Low-Emission Options: We offer certified low-emitting sealers and topcoat finishes to improve indoor air quality in your home.
  • Recycled and Rapidly Renewable Materials: We incorporate recycled materials and fast-growing wood species like bamboo wherever possible, conserving natural resources.

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